Reiki Sound Healing

Usui Reiki Classes & Attunement

Reiki Level 1
Learn the History and Basics of Reiki. Receive an Attunement that places Reiki into your own hands for the Healing of Self and others. There will be class time for the practice of Reiki on self and others. Class will be a mixture of Lecture, Discussion and Practice. The Primary focus of Level 1 is self-healing, but the attunement awakens the hand chakras to the flow of Reiki that can be used on others as well.
Open to anyone. Fee is $150.

Reiki Level 2
Now you're Reiki can really come alive. With Level 2 comes the introduction of 3 Symbols and many new Techniques. You will learn the specific function and use of these symbols. The Powerful Level 2 Attunement you receive will align your Chakras and create more "Channels" for the Reiki Energy to flow through you. With continued use and practice your Reiki Energy will become very powerful.
Prerequisite Reiki Level 1. Fee is $250     

Note: Levels 1 and 2 can be taught over a weekend for $350. 


Reiki Level 3
Now you can become a Reiki Master Practitioner. This will foster a stronger connection to the Divine and place you in touch with "Your Master Within". The Usui Master Attunement will increase the strength of your Reiki Energy. The Usui master symbol will increase the effectiveness of the Reiki 2 symbols and can be used for Healing. Learn to make a Reiki grid to send continuous Reiki to yourself or others. Reiki Aura clearing and more.  
Prerequisite Reiki Level 2. Fee is $250.

​Usui Reiki Master/Teacher
Instruction on how to do all Reiki Attunements including the Master attunement. Instruction on giving a Healing Attunement. Two additional Tibetan symbols for a total of 6. Practice time doing attunements. The values and spiritual orientation of a true Reiki Master. This is only open to those who have taken all the other 3 Levels. It is important to have been Reiki Attuned for at least 6 months before moving into Master and/or Master/Teacher.
Prerequisite Reiki Level 3 at least 6 months prior. Fee for this Class is $400.