Reiki Sound Healing

Sallee has been working in the Medical field as a Registered Nurse since 1987.  Sallee has worked in the areas of Med/Surg, Cardiac Stepdown and Dialysis. Sallee currently works as a Dialysis Nurse. She moved here in 2012 from upstate New York to be closer to the Beautiful Sedona.  Sallee continues to enjoy serving People through her work in Allopathic medicine, But has come to feel all are better served when the whole Human is approached. It is in the helping of each Client to understand  the inter-connectedness of Mind, Body and Spirit that brings Sallee Joy. This is where her Passion Lies!!


Sallee was able to instantly identify my areas of pain. Her caring and gentle approach was comforting and relaxing. The vibration from the tuning forks helped relieve the pain. After the session I was able to get up on my leg with no pain. Sallee is amazing! I highly recommend her. 
Joyce Sutton

Flagstaff, AZ


Being called to the healing arts, Sallee is now a Reiki Master/Teacher. To further her healing modalities, Sallee studies to work with sound using the Solfeggio Tuning Forks. 

Sallee is a natural healer with an Awakened Heart. She is Very Compassionate and will Lovingly Support you in your Healing Process.  She was called to do healing work through Reiki but later learned through past life regression that she was a talented  Healer in ancient Egypt. Seeds that were planted long ago have now begun to blossom. 

Sallee Eckert

Reiki Master and Sound Healer